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Packaging in paper bags as safe sterile packaging

Packaging in paper bags makes it possible to package products for terminal sterilization by radiation, gas or steam. The paper generally has a transparent coating and is processed into tight bags on our machines.

We mainly use paper produced by Vereinigte Papierwarenfarbiken GmbH, Feuchtwangen. Very often the reliable kraft paper stericlin® is our paper of choice.

Produkte mit Verpackungsmaschinen in dichten Papierbeuteln steril verpacken
Products such as compresses, dressing material, or plaster, sterile packaged in tight paper bags.

Packaging products in paper for sterile packaging

We process paper for sterile packaging on our machines and guarantee high levels of quality and process safety. To process paper for sterile packaging, the following types of machines can be used:

VH4 / VH4-HS Four-side sealed bag packaging machine
For products such as plaster, compresses, dressing material, surgical gloves, wound wipes, special cloths, medical instruments, etc.

SMH-520 Tubular bag packaging machine
For products such as bandages, first-aid kits, plaster, umbilical bandages, dressing material, medical instruments, pharmaceutical products, etc.

How we package ?

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